Putting Country Before Party: “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Gov. Kasich joined Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the importance of putting country before party, working together to create meaningful change and preserving the integrity of the election process. You can watch the full interview here. "Throughout my career I have always put the country before my party...this is not a new swim [...]

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“The View”: We are Americans before we are Republicans and Democrats.

Gov. Kasich recently appeared on ABC's "The View" to discuss his speech at the Democratic National Convention and the importance of civility in politics today. Watch the full interview here. The Governor discussed the importance of civility in politics amidst the growing divisions in our country. "We are Americans before we are Republicans and Democrats. [...]

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Opinion: Look to God for the strength to transcend divisions and build a more just America

Gov. Kasich authored a USA Today op-ed on the importance of faith and God in restoring civility to our country. See an excerpt below and read the full op-ed here. "Sometimes in America it feels like the idea of God has become old-fashioned. In some circles, the idea that God can intervene in man’s affairs [...]

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Opinion: It’s Time for American Leaders to Wake Up to the Threat of Climate Change for the Good of the Planet and Business

Gov. Kasich authored a TIME op-ed about the dangers of climate change and how addressing them is not only critical but also has room for ideas that both political parties can agree on. See an excerpt below and read the full op-ed here. "Though often regarded as a hot potato in politics, one of the [...]

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Opinion: Enough is Enough. There’s a better path forward for America.

Gov. Kasich authored a Boston Globe op-ed about the divisions in America and how each of us have a role in charting a new and better path forward. See an excerpt below and read the full op-ed here. "America, we’ve lost our way. As a nation, and as individuals, we’ve been thrown off course [...]

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Opinion: It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way, We Found a Better Way

Gov. Kasich and former State Sen. Nina Turner co-authored a CNN op-ed about the work they did in Ohio to improve police and community relations. See an excerpt below and read the full op-ed here. You can also watch their interview here. "As flames rose in Minneapolis last Tuesday. and spread block by block, and [...]

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Opinion: Gov John Kasich, Chris Gregoire: How to safely reopen America as coronavirus still threatens

Many Americans are asking when will this end and when can we safely get back to life, even if it is a new normal? The answer: Look abroad. View the original op-ed on USA Today (here) Social distancing, stay-at-home orders and closures of schools and non-essential businesses have seemingly stopped America in its tracks. Many [...]

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America’s mental health Covid-19 recovery needs to start now

Opinion by John R. Kasich and Dr. Henry Harbin - April 13, 2020 John R. Kasich is the former governor of Ohio, serving from 2011 to 2019. A Republican, he was previously a member of the House of Representatives. Henry Harbin is a psychiatrist and past CEO and chairman of Magellan Health Services. Throughout our [...]

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Boston Globe Op-Ed: We can’t wait for politicians to heal our fractured nation

John Kasich authored the following op-ed for the Boston Globe. “Stop the world, I want to get off!” That popular cry from the 1960s may have fresh appeal in 2019, when so many of us despair at the deep political and cultural divisions that are tearing apart our nation. And it’s not just our dysfunctional [...]

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USA Today Op-Ed: Ohio’s fight against the opioid epidemic can be national model

John Kasich authored the following op-ed for USA Today. For almost a decade Ohio was on the frontlines in America’s battle against opiates. Our legacy of industrial labor, struggling economy, central location with easy interstate connections and lax prescription drug policies created a perfect storm of demand, access and government inaction that left a wake of addiction, overdose [...]

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