Gov. Kasich authored a USA Today op-ed on the importance of faith and God in restoring civility to our country.

See an excerpt below and read the full op-ed here.

“Sometimes in America it feels like the idea of God has become old-fashioned. In some circles, the idea that God can intervene in man’s affairs for good seems almost preposterous. This troubles me, but I believe this erosion in faith has come about for many reasons.

As I look across the landscape of our country and see the deep division among our political leaders that has now spread like a disease to the division among our friends, our families and our neighbors, I am reminded that all great and lasting change comes from the bottom up. In the passage of our civil rights laws, for example, or the growing call to protect our environment, we see very clearly that movements happen when the people rise with a clear, strong voice and make themselves heard, motivating  our  leaders to do the things that can benefit all of us.”

Read the full op-ed here.