After eight successful years leading the state of Ohio, Governor John Kasich and former Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager Beth Hansen sought to continue the positive impact of their public service by partnering with forward-looking companies to address their challenges and opportunities.

The Kasich Company draws on high profile and high-pressure decision-making experiences in government, private sector, media and politics to provide direct, timely advice and strategy that is specifically designed with your success in mind.


The Kasich Company has designed a staircase method to success. We strategically tackle each step – embracing any challenges along the way – while also celebrating successes as we progress.

We will open new doors and establish critical connection to customers, capital and thought-leaders that can create new opportunities for success.

Obtaining clear and common understanding of the opportunity or problem is essential to identifying and operationalizing the best way forward. We leverage decades of high pressure and high profile problem solving and decision making experience to assess interdependent variables in complex systems and help you arrive at your best answer quickly.

Identifying similar situations or experiences and importantly assessing the degree of comparability is a key accelerator to coming up with robust solutions. We’re comfortable with swift and precise situation analysis. When reviewing a situation or competitor, we’ll ask: Were they successful, and if so, why? Is this avenue available in this situation, and if not, why? How do we avoid their mistakes, or improve upon their solutions?

In this phase, we determine the path(s) available to move from problems to solutions, with an eye on surpassing expectations. Is it media or internal communications?  Is it a technical or regulatory opportunity?  Is it stakeholder engagement? A public affairs solution?  Our broad and deep experience in public policy, media, grassroots engagement, government affairs and management of large, multi-faceted organizations allows us to quickly identify the tools and connections needed to succeed.

Gathering, analyzing and critiquing the information from the previous inputs and put the best plan of attack in writing describes the strategic and tactical planning phase. Having successfully led the state of Ohio, the federal Budget Committee and many political campaigns, we know how to work with your organization’s budget, timeline, strengths and weaknesses to customize the plan for YOUR organization.

In the implementation stage we are putting plans into practice – as well as identifying additional opportunities along the way. We take a hands-on approach and work with you through each step to ease the way and celebrate your successes.  We specialize in creatively removing barriers and supporting implementation efforts with frank, confidential and direct advice.

Finally, the evolution phase features reviewing lessons learned, identifying measurement plans and looking to the future: what’s next? We know there is no single roadmap for solving client challenges, and often the job is never truly done. We leverage the evolution stage to review what worked, document successes and identify any opportunities that lay ahead.




Governor Kasich began his career as State Senator at 26 years old where he served as Chairman of the Health Committee. As a member of the U.S. Congress for 18 years, he served as Chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee, was the Chief Architect of the Balanced Budget Committee, and served 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee. After his time in Congress, he was elected and served as a two-term Governor of Ohio from 2011-2019. Governor Kasich was also a Presidential Fellow at The Ohio State University, a Four-Time New York Times Best Selling Author, served as Managing Director of Lehman Brothers and was a Fox New Host from 2001-2007.



Hansen is an accomplished leader and trusted advisor, recognized for delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in high-pressured environments. She is the first woman named Chief of Staff to an incoming Ohio Governor. Hansen’s background includes providing leadership and focus to an executive staff and workforce of 41,000 state employees with an annual budget of $62 billion. She has successfully managed campaigns at the local, state and national level. Hansen’s experience and passion for her work marks her as an individual who understands, appreciates and meets the needs and desires of her clients.



Having served in both the Governor’s official state office and on the 2016 presidential campaign, Johnson brings a background of state government and campaign experience. Johnson goes above and beyond to implement solutions to client needs. Johnson is a 2015 graduate of Miami University.



Rygiel, a business-administration student at Ohio University, has experience in both supervisory and management positions. With Rygiel’s background in management, he is able to help find solutions and accommodate the clients needs.


“Kasich Company helped us look at our challenge from a new perspective – and brought bold and creative thinking to our thought process.”