Gov. Kasich joined Chris Evans for an interview with “A Starting Point” to discuss President Biden’s first 100 days, climate change & bipartisanship

You can watch the full interview here.

First 100 Days of the Biden Administration:

“First impressions are lasting impressions, so you definitely want to come out and do your best because it can leave an impression that you want to create…what Biden is trying to do is create an impression that he is doing many things, and undoing some things he thought were just terrible that [President] Trump did…and also the fact that he is trying to bring people together and restore the soul of America. The question is, can you restore the soul fo America if you are operating in a one-party fashion. If all you’re into is passing something and doing it with only your party and leaving the other party behind, that does not get us where we want to get to.”

Climate Change & Bipartisanship:

“Republicans have been involved in this [climate issue] for a long time. The problem is we have somehow regressed from that…so we have to just be patient with people and bring them along, and not use too much inflammatory rhetoric that drives them away. Just calm down, explain the facts to them, and realize there is a transition and an approach we can take that is not totally destructive but that will work. So I think it’s there…I think there is the basis of which to get bipartisan support on this, but there is going to have to be work done.”

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